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Jaws Sewing Funny

Can you relate? Do you hear the infamous jaws soundtrack music when you need to pull out the seam ripper too? NO. Ok. Just me then. ...

Palazzo Pants DIY (video)

I love a good pair of palazzo pants. They are super comfortable, look great dressed up or dressed down, and are multi-seasonal. This is a gr...

STYLO - Issue 3

Other Cool Things

Because food, crafts, and other stuff are awesome too.


24 Sugar Free Recipes

No sugar, no cry. Recently I gave up sugar for 21 days. I know, crazy right?!!  At the time I thought I was giving up just chocolate, ice...

Leftover Candy Cookies

What happens when you still have candy leftover from Halloween, and the kids come home from yet another holiday with bags filled with even M...


Five and Ten Designs - 1 Pattern, 5 Designers

Round Ups

Loads of sewing DIYs, all in once place.

Make this Look

Patterns sewn recently, and other inspirationalal ideas for what you can make.