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Fun things sewing lovers or human beings will like. (that means you)

STYLO - Issue 3

Other Cool Things

Because food, crafts, and other stuff are awesome too.


No-Sew Cocoa

We all love a yummy mug of hot cocoa in the Winter. Add some caramel syrup - and you have just made it the best dang hot cocoa you have ever...

Stitcher's Cider

There is nothing that rings in Fall quite like hot apple cider. Just the smell of this delicious drink brings me right back to my childhood ...


Book Store Tent

I don't know about you, but my kids are constantly setting up forts in their room. I love that they can get creative, and make a fun space t...

Five and Ten Designs - 1 Pattern, 5 Designers

Round Ups

Loads of sewing DIYs, all in once place.

Pops of Color

Love color? Me too! My kids are constantly asking me what my favorite color is, and truth be told - I don't really have one. Sure, I have co...

Make this Look

Patterns sewn recently, and other inspirationalal ideas for what you can make.