Definition of -AHOLIC

1: one who feels compulsively the need to (do something) aholic>

2: one who likes (something) to excess oholic>

Well Merriem, you certainly got this definition right. After recently looking at my ‘sewing nook’, it is decided – I am indeed a fabricaholic.

I just can’t help myself, put me in a fabric store and I go CRAZY! All I need to see is that one cute fabric, the one I feel like I just cant live without. I will sometimes even dream up the project I am going to create with said fabric. I just love the feel of it between my fingers, the look of it piled up on my shelf, the dreams it helps me to create just seeing it, and I am hooked! Fabric makes me happy! Just seeing it all lined up there row after row. Remember that scene in Willy Wonka, where Gene Wilder sings about Pure Imagination? That is me at Joann’s, like a kid in a candy store!

Admitted – good old fashioned 100% cotton is my favorite, especially to actually work with! But I do not resist it’s cousins either – home decorating fabric, twill, fleece, etc…just give me a cute fabric and I am sold!

Now if only I can resist falling into the river like that Augustus kid…