We’ve all been there – in the middle of Target and suddenly you are embroiled in Tantrum 2010. Sure, sure the magazines and learned professionals can give all the advice they want on how to handle this situation. Such as leave the cart there, and leave with your child immediately. There are times and places when you should probably do just that. But then there are those other times, the times when you actually need the items in that cart and the thought of making another trip out later to the store (still with both kids, because the magic babysitting fairy doesn’t seem to be returning your calls) just makes your stomach turn. What do you do then?

Let’s imagine me at say…..JoAnn’s fabrics. Now, in a perfect world my kids sit in the cart well behaved and let me choose all the fabric I can dream up***ahhhh, that was fun. Now, let’s switch back to reality.

My kids are in the cart, being good, and other customers are commenting on how beautiful my girls are and asking them their names.

5 minutes later the whining starts: Mommmmmm, when are we going to be done? Mom, can I get out of the cart?

Mom: Sure

Child: Yippeee!

Now a 5 minute game of hide and seek commences, because let’s face it. What would you do if you were a child in a fabric store???

Once the other customers start to get annoyed, and I am tired of getting ‘the look’, I make my older child get back in the cart.

Baby: Starting to cry
Child: Mom, I’m hungry

At this point I am trying not to get frazzled, trying to still use my nice calm voice showing everyone in the store that in fact, I am a good mother. How much fabric do I have in my cart? Probably none still…

I rummage through my bag desperately looking for any scrape of food I might have, and start throwing cheerios at them.

I have another 5 minutes now where I can browse through fabric. When I start to hear crunching everywhere I step, I realize that my kids have indeed missed their mouths on numerous occasions, and the cheerios are all over the floor of the aisle I was in. Yikes, quick! Move to another aisle, and no more cheerios.

Baby is now starting to try to climb out of the cart, while the older child is starting to grab the fabrics we are passing. And me? I am grabbing whatever I can get my hands on in a desperate attempt to get this torture session done with.

At this point I come up with a clever deal, which will distract my older child for at least another 10 minutes…SHE CAN CHOOSE HER VERY OWN FABRIC!!! Now this has to be handled delicately, as we very well might just end up with a yard of fleece character fabric. I can try to steer her in the right direction, but must be discreet otherwise she will discovery my secret plot and all will be lost!

As for baby? I have grabbed something plastic and large from the
store aisle and she is now happily playing the throw and pick up game (Baby throws, Mommy picks up).

So I manage to get the older child in the cottons, and there are more characters…drat, foiled again! Then she sees it, Strawberry Shortcake! Ok, ok, regroup. I can do this, pajama pants…

Child: But Mommy, I want a shirt!

I end up walking out of the store with said fabric, as well as some of the others that I was able to grab along the way. Buttons? Nope. Zippers? Nope. Interfacing, thread? Nope. Nope. But two happy children, a Mommy who survived, and some NEW fabric! Yeah!!!

Bribery? Nahhhhh, let’s call it taking one for the team. And the shirt actually did come out kind of cute if I do say so myself…

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