Is October here yet? With Fall around the corner, I am in full Autumn Harvest mode! I had the girls gather pine cones from the backyard and we handmade the front door wreath, we bought our pumpkins and gourds along with some mums for the front door, the pumpkin baskets are around the house – and now the handmade pumpkin pin cushion!

With a little help from Martha, I put a handmade twist on an old time favorite! One of the reasons I love this little project is it helps me to use up old fabric that I have in my scrap pile…not being a quilter myself – this pile can get rather large! Plus it makes great handmade gifts for the neighbors, while taking under 30 minutes to make! (15 once you get the hang of it!)

Here’s how:

1. Cut a rectangle on the bias, with the length twice as long as the height. Like Martha my largest one was only 10″x5″

2. If making a jack o’ lantern pin cushion, cut out 2 small triangle eyes and 1 mouth. Pin to rectangle as shown on the right side of fabric and sew along pattern.

3. Fold fabric in half length wise, right sides facing, and sew along the edge.

4. Sew a basting stitch along the bottom of the pumpkin and gather stitches. It helps me to tie the ends of the thread together here, completing a tight circle. Turn the pumpkin inside out, and sew basting stitches along the top of the pumpkin here. (*Note, be sure not to sew the fabric closed, but rather sew along the entire circle)

5. Stuff pumpkin with batting. If you have old scraps of material –
you can use these to stuff the pumpkin as well – the result just might be a bit lumpier :).

6. Gather stitches together, and tie off ends again. Cut loose threads.

7. We are almost done now! If you would like, you may use embroidery thread and tie around the pumpkin. This will make it more flat – especially if you pull the needle and thread through the middle a few times.

8. Cut out a star from the fabric you used for the eyes and mouth, or if not making a jack o’ lantern, from left over scrap green or brown fabric. You can attach this with hot glue!

9. If you would like to add a stem to the top of your pumpkin, simply follow the instructions used for making the pumpkin, in a much smaller size :). And attach with the embroidery thread simply sewing from the top through to the bottom of the pumpkin and back again, do this a few times to make it sturdy.

And Voila! You now have a super cute pin cushion for the Autumn season!

Happy Harvest Everyone!