We all know it is wise to have one in place. First Aid at About.com gives you this advice:

“Emergency safety depends on proper planning. It’s important that the entire family know what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency. During a crisis, we humans respond the way we have been trained to do. Kids, especially, need a definite plan to help them react appropriately to an emergency. Evacuation plans are not just for fires, either, it’s important to have a plan for any emergency. But what about the smaller emergencies in life?”


Cue to me coming home from dropping my oldest daughter off at preschool today. What to my wondering eyes should appear? But a miniature bluebird!!!

NOT SO MINIATURE! AND NOT SO CUTE, NOT IN MY KITCHEN!!! It was darting back and forth flapping it’s wings wildly! And hello, have you seen the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock?!!

“During a crisis, we humans respond the way we have been trained to do.”

Now, I am running around my house wildly, arms overhead in a crouched down position, screaming in my most terrified voice for my husband to GET DOWN HERE! (Thank GOD he works from home!!!). Let alone the fact that I was on the phone with my sister at the time, and who knows what she thinks is going on.

Husband runs at a breakneck pace down the steps, asks what is wrong (thinking our youngest daughter has a major injury), and I meekly look at him with horror in my eyes and manage to squeak out ‘bird’.

He calmly requests a blanket, and manages to get the bluebird into a corner where he can cover it and bring it outside unharmed. Then proceeds to give me a lecture on when it is appropriate to use that voice of terror, and when it is inappropriate.

I feel like our 4 year old daughter at the moment, who continuously has to get lectures on the appropriateness of screaming. Hmmmm. What can I say? I was scared!!! I was sure it was going to come whizzing straight at me or my youngest daughter! Was even thinking of covering up my eyeballs – just to be safe…

Thinking back on all of this, I can distinctly remember a childhood memory when in a moment of panic my Mother screamed for my Father using the same voice, and running across the house hiding in a closet. (The humor in that story is the fact that I was the ‘intruder’ sleeping at the foot of her bed – and she stepped on my 10 yr. old head at the time in her moment of crisis – lol).

“During a crisis, we humans respond the way we have been trained to do.”

I would say so!!!

We survived unharmed, the bird survived unharmed, but my couch? Not so much…thank God it chose the one from IKEA

Just another moment in our Sew Crazy life!