Woot Woot! You have all been so patient with me, head cold and all.

So, what do we get when we cross the ButterCup Bag by Made by Rae, the Cosmo Bag by Amy Butler, and the Gathered Clutch by Noodlehead? The Gathered CosmoCup of course! And in honor of Tutorial Tuesdays, now you too can be as crazy as me with this free tutorial.

After creating a ll three of these bags, I took my favorite part of all three and decided to turn it into one purse. I absolutely loved the gathered front on Noodlehead’s clutch, I thought the button closure on the Cosmo Bag was adorable, and the smaller sizing and handle of the buttercup bag was more suited to my needs (when you carry around a diaper bag most of the time, you will use any excuse to change that in for a smaller sized purse!!!).

So without further ado, I give you the Gathered CosmoCup!

Click HERE for the downloadable (is that a word?) Free Tutorial!

And you know what? The name is starting to grow on me…I told you I was CRAZY!!! Lol

***Please note – I am happy to let you sell this purse, just please give credit where credit is due. Continue to call it by its crazy name, and link people back to my blog. Happy selling :)