If you read my blog, you all know my dismay at Strawberry Shortcake’s makeover.

Alas, my daughter is a young girl of THIS generation, and when she said she wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween, it threw me for a loop to discover the costume she wanted did not entail a red dress with white apron and bonnet.

There is an upside to Strawberry’s ‘fruit-lift’, it is indeed a much easier costume to put together! With a few kids-free hours, the right fabric, and the right tutorials, you can whip this look up in no time!

We’ll work our way from the bottom up, let’s go!


The tights are probably the easiest. This took about 15 minutes using the incredible free tutorial by Made by Rae which you can find HERE.

Strawberry usually wears a green and white striped pair of tights. The important part is finding the right stretchiness in your material. I had Patty Young’s Clown Stripe Citrus Knit, which wasn’t as stretchy in the direction I would have liked, so had to add a couple of inches to the bottom and top of my pattern to make up for the loss of stretchiness.

Next up is the skirt, also another very easy and quick project!


Any twirly whirly skirt will do! With some simple red fabric and the right tute, we are on our way! I had stumbled across a great tutorial a while ago at House on Hill Road’s blog, and have used it ever since as my ‘go to’ skirt – you can find it HERE.

This probably took about 30 minutes to whip together, as I left off the bow on the side and closed off the waist elastic, and also left off the bottom hem band of the skirt (it is only a costume after all!)


This part I ‘cheated’. No, I did not sew up a light pink shirt – not when she has one in her wardrobe already! Hopefully your little girl does too, but if not a quick trip to Old Navy will remedy this immediately…lol. I did decide to embellish the shirt a little bit with a picture of Strawberry Shortcake. This is unnecessary, but I felt it added to the costume. I simply used a cut out from the scrap fabric I had, and zig-zag stitched around the edges straight onto the shirt. Under 10 minutes!

Moving on, the Hat:

Technically Strawberry is wearing a bow, which is what my daughter wanted! If this is what your child wants too – Great! But if you are like me, and wistful of the past, you might be able to talk her into a hat…lol. Another great tutorial for that can be found HERE at Clevergirl’s blog! With some Strawberry Shortcake fabric you can give a great twist to this newsboys cap, doubling up on the interfacing to make the flimsy cotton fabric stronger! This probably took me the longest, running around 1 to 1.5 hours.

*Note – to make the hat fit your child’s head if they do not fall in the age range of the pattern pieces, use a piece of elastic and sew to the back inside of the hat.

The rest is optional, added simply because I have an irrational fear that no one will recognize my daughter’s costume. With the abundance of stuffed animals that are piled on her bed, it was only natural to find a pink cat. With Custard in tow, and a Strawberry Shortcake tote, we have now completed the look! (Unfortunately the tote was something I whipped together on my own, with no tutorial to show for it (I AM SORRY!). If this is something you would like to see, I am happy to oblige. But there are a bevvy of free tote tutorials on the web HERE, HERE, HERE, etc. Google ‘tote tutorial’.)

Have a ‘Very Strawberry’ Halloween everyone!!!