This is what insomnia looks like in my house. I don’t sleep for a few nights for whatever reason (kids, illness, creaky old house noises, imagined ghosts, insert item here), and after a few nights I will eventually end up on the web in a zombie like state at God knows what hour.

This can result in either a fun surprise or guilty remorse for about a week or so after the alleged incident.

Last time this happened, I ended up bidding on a whole bunch of eBay items that I thought were cool at 3am…no one else apparently agreed when they were shopping during daylight hours. I won those bids – REMORSE! It was a long drawn out expensive remorse too, with bids ending on different days for weeks on end (Ouch!).

I slept well after that for a while.

This time after a few nights of tossing and turning, the fabric monster got me!

Luckily it resulted in fun SURPRISE! Look what came in the mail for me today! Woo hoo!!! From the looks of it, this monster had a thing for Amy Butler…lol. Expensive you ask? You can’t count cost when it comes to fabric! If I want my husband to continue to live with my addiction, I need to fund it somehow…

Time to put the Puddlejumper on Etsy, along with some more Gathered CosmoCups!

Hopefully I will be sleeping like a baby…for a while. Sweet Dreams everyone :)