We are getting closer…remember this?

So we were at The Dump yesterday…

Wait, wait – The Dump you say?!! Let’s backtrack for a moment. No, we were not at the local landfill (which they happen to have filled in here in Virginia Beach and now call it charmingly Mt. Trashmore). I digress, we were at The Dump. A local furniture store where all the retailers ‘dump’ their excess products for sale (think Home Goods with just furniture on steroids).

So…we were at The Dump and I was browsing the clearance section when I saw this lonely little chair sitting there by itself. Nice structure, good frame, solid wood, incredible price – SOLD!

I bring it home late last night very excited to try it out first thing this morning while continuing work on my Cosmo bag.

I come bounding down the stairs in my Sunday morning comfy clothes (aka. leggings and t-shirt), run to the sewing nook throwing myself into my new chair super excited…

…and go flying off the other end of it right onto the floor!!! *Ouch

I am glad to see me and my new sewing chair are starting off on the right foot :/.

Lesson learned? Waxed chair + leggings = hurt bum. Either way I am On The Hunt again…this time for a cushion!