If you are anything like me, you stopped liking scraping out the inside of pumpkins somewhere in your 20’s…fast forward 10 years, and you are now throwing Pumpkin Painting Parties for your Mommy-Get-Together groups.

Want a grown up take on a fun old treat, while using up some old fabric scraps?

Try decoupage! With a little Mod Podge and a paint brush, you can get a Super Cute Pumpkin that will last through all of the elements!

Don’t feel like going to the store for some decoupage glue? All you need is a hammer and some brat nails (I happen to have a nail gun), and you can put super cute sayings on your pumpkin! Give’s it more of a 3D dimension, while still keeping things clean :).

Now for those of you who don’t mind sticking your arm inside the pumpkin (I know you can use a spoon, but you know you always end up with your arm in there at some point!!!), I would be interested to see how a decoupaged pumpkin looks with a jack o’ lantern face!

Trick or Treat!