When my daughter told me she wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween I thought GREAT! The character I knew and loved as a child that smelled like Strawberries, wore a cute red dress and white apron! I have such fond memories as a child playing with that cute little red head and her strawberry house and blueberry friend, me and my cousin (whom I idolized) would play for hours and hours. God how I cherish those memories! Such happy, innocent times in my childhood, before BOYS entered onto the scene – BOYS – ewwwwwwwwwwww – yuk! Lol.

But when I showed her this picture, she had no idea who this was!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO STRAWBERRY?

I did a little research, and apparently Strawberry has received a makeover…see article HERE, HERE, or HERE…the list is endless of articles that have been written about this ‘fruit-lift’.

This is the Strawberry my daughter recognizes:

The one that comes with her Happy Meal at her favorite ‘restaurant’ (that’s another story – lol).

Imposter! Who is this strawberry smelling Bratz doll that has overtaken my innocent childhood memories?! Argh…

I have lived long enough to know when to choose my battles, and this is not one of them. *Sigh* At least I was able to talk my daughter into wearing a Strawberry hat instead of a pink bow, and the costume was much easier to make (look for that how-to post soon). Maybe us ‘old-timers’ wont know who she is when she comes screaming ‘trick or treat’ at your door this Halloween, but at least her friends will recognize her. *Sigh*

What’s next? Rainbow Brite? Doh!!!