So my good friend over at HIT, aka my Sister, recently made me ask myself – when is it appropriate to match clothes? We all have this secret compulsion to want to buy matching clothes either with our children, and then when you have more than 1 child – matching clothes for the children. Inevitably we give in, but then when the day comes to actually put said clothes on – we feel dorky. We end up possibly wearing the outfits, but never leaving the house (ahem HIT).

These are all things I would personally call a ‘DO':

  • Matching outerwear
  • Matching aprons for Mommy and kids
  • Matching pajamas for the family (makes family movie night so much more fun!)
  • Matching purses (little purses for little ladies)
  • Matching or Coordinating holiday outfits
  • Matching or Coordinating photo shoots

I am sure there is more to the list, but when it all boils down to it – you do what makes you feel good!

After pondering that most important life altering question, I immediately had to start work on matching jackets for the girls (naturally)! It is getting colder after all…LOL.

I love these fleece lined kimono style jackets, and since they are purple the girls do too – Yeah!