To Match or Not to Match, That is the Question…

So my good friend over at HIT, aka my Sister, recently made me ask myself – when is it appropriate to match clothes? We all have this secret compulsion to want to buy matching clothes either with our children, and then when you have more than 1 child – matching clothes for the children. Inevitably we give in, but then when the day comes to actually put said clothes on – we feel dorky. We end up possibly wearing the outfits, but never leaving the house (ahem HIT).

These are all things I would personally call a ‘DO’:

  • Matching outerwear
  • Matching aprons for Mommy and kids
  • Matching pajamas for the family (makes family movie night so much more fun!)
  • Matching purses (little purses for little ladies)
  • Matching or Coordinating holiday outfits
  • Matching or Coordinating photo shoots

I am sure there is more to the list, but when it all boils down to it – you do what makes you feel good!

After pondering that most important life altering question, I immediately had to start work on matching jackets for the girls (naturally)! It is getting colder after all…LOL.

I love these fleece lined kimono style jackets, and since they are purple the girls do too – Yeah!

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  1. says

    My sister is about 2 years younger than me. My mom made a lot of our formal clothes like dresses and other fun frocks. She never matched us. I like that she didn’t, my sister and I were so different and I can tell by looking through the pictures that she really took the time to find fabric that complemented our very different looks (i was blonde with fine straight hair and blue eyed, with fair skin and my sister was darker with brown hair and hazel eyes with thick hair that twirled a bit). But i also think secretly she was a fabric-a-holic (i think that is where i get it) and would never be able to decide on one fabric to dress both of us in, there are too many choices!

  2. says

    Too bad you can’t post a picture with your comment. :) So happy to know that I’m not alone…

    Although, remember those matching white turtleneck dresses Mom had us in one year for Christmas? I definite don’t.

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