One of my favorite things that I took away from our stint in Europe was our little one’s bedding. Comforters are standard for babies and kids alike over there, and it was always so much easier to clean just removing the duvet cover.

Alas, it has been sitting in our cedar chest ever since our return as I could never find a store over here that sold Toddler size duvet covers! Not even Pottery Barn, that sells the toddler size comforters, but no duvet covers to go with them, go figure!

With the weather getting colder, that little quilt just isn’t cutting it anymore…

Then the light bulb went off…Silly Mommy, I can SEW one…duh!

Now I know, I know…babies aren’t supposed to have blankets in their cribs. So please, this tutorial is for the toddler in your life! Either still in a crib, or moving from that crib into their toddler bed!

To learn how to make your own Toddler Duvet Cover, click HERE.

Need to know how to make a simple toddler size pillow? Click HERE.

Now, I made all of the measurements in my tutorials to fit that Pottery Barn toddler size comforter and toddler size pillow, but of course you can adjust them to suit your own needs!

Didn’t over register at Pottery Barn for your baby shower, or do a stint in Europe like I did, and happen to have one of these sitting around like I did? They are hard to come by here in America!!!

No worries, I can show you how to make a couple of your own comforters by converting a simple twin into 2 toddler size comforters! Click HERE for that tutorial.

Need a tutorial for a fitted sheet to match all of your new bedding? I found a great one on-line HERE.

But the best part about this Toddler bedding tutorial mayhem?

I made EXTRA!!!

I fell in love with the Its a Hoot by MoMo fabric for Moda, and decided it was the perfect fabric to do my very first give away with! Want to score some free toddler bedding for yourself? Check back on Cyber Monday where my sister over at HIT will be hosting the give-away! Silly for me to do it with so few followers to date, lets share the love!

So get sewing, customize that room for the toddler in your life! Don’t let the quilters have all the fun with your baby’s room!!!

Sweet Dreams kiddos :)