After making my niece her adorable Christmas Party dress, I realized she simply NEEDED shoes to match.  Baby Ballet Shoes. I know, I know – the sewing crazy in me reared its head – lol.  I whipped out an older pair of my youngest daughter’s shoes that looked easy enough for basic pattern info, deconstructed them, added a ribbon, and give you baby ballet shoes! They came out super cute, and I am really excited to give them as an accessory with her handmade dress.

Baby Ballet Shoes – free pattern and tutorial.


Baby Ballet Shoes Pattern

Baby Ballet Shoes Pattern


***Click HERE to download the free pattern and instructions to make your own baby ballet slippers.***

The pattern is only available for Size 3 currently (6 – 9 months), as that was the size of the shoe I was working with.  Based on a basic sizing chart found on-line, it looks as if each size decreases approximately 1/4″ the smaller you get. You can feel free to try to pattern grade as you see fit.

**Furthermore, please refer your friends to this page when wanting to share the pattern! Do not e-mail the file directly. Why? Because you see those ads on the sidebar? That is how I get paid.  ‘Pageview traffic’ and ‘affiliate links’ are a part of my salary, and I appreciate every single person who visits my site! So thank you, thank you for being here and for downloading the Baby Ballet Shoes, and for referring your friends to this site to do the same. It means the world to me :).

Also – you are more than welcome to sell shoes made by using this pattern. I would be absolutely delighted to know that I am helping a seamstress out there put food on her table in her handmade shop!


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Happy Sewing!