Baby Ballet Shoes Tutorial

After making my niece her adorable Christmas Party dress, I realized she simply NEEDED shoes to match girly girl in training – lol. I whipped out an older pair of my youngest daughters that looked easy enough for basic pattern info, deconstructed them, added a ribbon, and give you baby ballet shoes!

They came out super cute, and I am really excited to give them as an accessory with her handmade dress.

For pattern and instructions on how to make your own baby ballet slippers, click HERE.

The pattern is only available for Size 4 currently (9 – 12 months), as that was the size of the shoe I was working with, but can try to figure out the smaller sizes if requested. Based on a basic sizing chart found on-line, it looks as if each size decreases approximately 1/4″ the smaller you get.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. says

    Completely, utterly adorable!!! I NEED to make these! For Christmas Im making all three of my nieces matching ballet bags and with the littlest of the three only being 6 months these will work perfectly into my theme. Im such a theme dork:) THANK YOU!!

  2. says

    these are way too cute! I love them! thank you for sharing this, and for the sewing/instruction document, I am going to have to make these, for sure!

    -marissa @

  3. says

    Thank you! I’m making a ballerina outfit for a baby gift, and these will go perfect with it! :) making them from hot pink satin. Hopefully they’ll fit at the same time as the dress. cross your fingers!

  4. Paloma says

    I’m in love with this ballet ODS, I want to try them, but I’m not able to download the pattern, could you send me by mail, please?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  5. Lu says

    Hi I am in love with these thanks for sharing unfortunately I can not open the link to print the pattern are you able to help x

  6. Sonya says

    I love the little red velvet baby ballet slippers! I would love to make them and I see the tutorial instructions! However, when I try to connect to the pattern link there seems to be an error. Can you tell me how I might be able to get the pattern? Thanks So Much!

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