While browsing around on the internet the other day, I came across a pattern for a Jumper from the 60’s and fell in LOVE. I knew instantly that not only did my daughter have to have it, but that I could make it! YEAH!

I immediately went to our local thrift store looking for some material I could work with and found an amazing navy Men’s Corduroy Sports coat. With an old skirt from Chloe’s closet, the sport coat material, and some matching fabric I had lying around here for the lining, I had everything I needed to get to work!

60’s Inspired Children’s Jumper DIY.


60s jumper DIY


This may be one of my favorite creations yet. The sheer simplicity of it, I know my daughter will get tons of use out of it. And the best part? It doesn’t LOOK homemade. I hate it when I am out and about and someone asks me if I made something my children are wearing. I know it is supposed to be a compliment, but the best compliment to me is if someone thinks that I bought it at a unique boutique. That is what I love. That makes me feel like I did a good job!

For the tutorial to make your own 60’s Inspired Jumper, click HERE.


And one more free hint? If you ever want to do a photo shoot with a guitar, be sure to wipe it down first! Lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!