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I love sewing…but my interests don’t stop there. I am an artist (pencil sketches or oil and acrylic paint), I craft occasionally, and I also have a major passion for reupholstering and refurbishing furniture. Will probably show you some of the chairs, couches and dressers I have done in time…

But for today, a bookcase.

After having moved approximately 7 times in 4 years, I am pretty much an expert at assembling furniture. In fact, I quite enjoy it!

I am extremely proud of my daughter and her passion for books and reading, but this also means she needs a lot of space to store her books. When she had outgrown her old bookcase, I decided to order a cheap one with pretty good reviews on a popular on-line website.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. I was devastated upon completion of assembly when I flipped the bookcase over to find that the screws had all gone through the top of the bookcase!

Since it was already put together, and there was no way I was going to be able to take it all apart AND fit back in the original packaging for any chance of a refund, I did what any normal person would probably do. Left a scathing review on said merchant’s website, and made do with masking tape.

Understanding the nature of my daughter, and how much she loves to ‘decorate’ with stickers, crayons, pens, markers, glue, etc. I decided to go an easier route when fixing up this bookcase.

Reason #956 why I love Mod Podge…

Of course my daughter has already started her own redecoration…

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Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit is the founder and creative director behind the me sew crazy blog, as well as, 5 & 10 Designs, GNO Events, and co-editor of STYLO. She resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and 3 children.
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    Brilliant! I really needed this today as I am feeling completely defeated by the toy box I’m trying to assemble for my daughter (it’s only been sitting in the box since her birthday…in AUGUST!). Trying to balance the lid on my leg while holding a yoga-esque position with two very sore legs from a long overdue workout AND screw in teeny tiny screws with hands shaking from all the coffee I drank to get through the day = not easy!!! Off to try again.

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