Here we are, on the third week of Project Run & Play! Woot Woot! This week the challenge was to create an ‘adult inspired’ clothing brand, style or designer and reinterpret it for a child.

I had recently purchased this amazing fabric from Robert Kaufman’s new collection, and am in LOVE. I already had in mind what I wanted to do with it, and when I saw the challenge for this week I was stoked!

Taking my inspiration from the original Queen of Style Jackie O, I give you my version of ‘Ohhhh Jackie’. A kids version of the timeless classic, with a modern twist of contemporary fabric.

This week was slightly more difficult as the time to complete the challenge for the blog readers was shortened by a full day. Last week they revealed the challenge on Monday, this week we had to wait until Tuesday to see what our challenge was – with a deadline to submit by Thursday evening for the chance of a possible feature. Doesn’t give much time to the modern housewife watching kids and trying to create and sew a new design, as well as put together a photo shoot!

But needless to say, I am really excited with how this turned out. And my daughter absolutely loves it, which is always a bonus!

I created a little bolero & pill box hat to go with it, keeping in line with the timeless classic and tying them all in by using the same style bow on all three.

And finished the back with a row of fabric covered buttons down the entire dress on the back.

And this time I was smart enough to start the tutorial on the dress as I was making it the first time around…lol.

We took these photos first thing in the morning after Chloe woke up, poor Madeline was still in her pajamas. But boy does she look up to her older sister!

Stay tuned for the tutorial next week! Still putting together pattern pieces for other sizes (right now I only have 4T, as that was what I was working with). Will have them to you shortly!

Wish me luck on possibly being featured this week at Project Run & Play! I am so excited to see what the REAL contestants have for us this week! YEAH!