What playing hookey looks like…

A movie with the family. The first time bringing our 19 month old daughter, she was good for about 40 minutes, ran up and down the aisle for about 10, then played in the movie arcade for the remainder of the movie with Daddy. An overall success if I do say so myself!

I brought our 4 year old daughter out on a date, giving her one-on-one time with Mommy. We did all girly things, and it was fabulous! We went on the carousal together, it was so much fun riding that horse again. Although it groaned a bit too loudly when it went up and down for me – lol. Ouch! We got our nails painted together, the same color naturally..

And we went out to eat and sat at the counter instead of a booth, Chloe felt like such a big girl :)

My husband and I played our new XBox Kinect after the girls went to sleep at night, huffing and puffing together after only 2 minutes of play – ouch!!! Lol, but laughing hysterically afterward seeing the silly photos it takes of you ‘in action’.

(I dared not share an actual photo of us…lol!!! Some things just do not belong in the blogosphere. Plus, my husband would probably kill me!)

And lastly, I started a new book. The trailer for the new HBO Game of Thrones series hooked me, and I decided to give it a shot – it was time for a new book anyway.

What did I play hookey from you ask? Oh putting away Christmas decorations, deciding what to give away for the New Year on my blog, blog entries in general, a few big tutorials I am trying to put together, cleaning the house after the holidays, the furniture re-do I need to work on in my daughter’s room, and basically life and work in general.

What did I NOT play hookey from? My family :)

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