After being cooped up with a bad back all week, we were ready to get out and have some fun this weekend! I give you…Project 52, Week 3.

Where do Moms and Dads go in cold weather to let their kids run around and have some fun? The TOY STORE of course! No need to buy anything, just letting the kids roam around and play with the demonstrations are enough. We all had a blast!

Every now and then us Moms need to just let go and be goofy! And this comes from a Mom with all the rules, lays down the law, and is anal Jane about cleanliness…but seriously – where is the fun in all of that?! Our kids need to see us laugh and have fun together, they need to see us let go and still be a kid sometimes. They need to see that you can still have fun in life, at ANY age!

I remember my Mom was like this sometimes. I didn’t understand her in my teenage years, how she could do something in public and not care what other people thought of her. I get it now, and am so thankful to her for all of her wise Mothering ways.

So this is me, having fun, in the middle of the Toy Store, trying to Hula Hoop with a pregnant belly…lol.

As you can see, it didn’t work so well :)

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood