These moments in Motherhood photos are turning out to be so much fun! I was originally going to post a photo of my sick daughter, as we were battling a cold earlier in the week, but she just looked so sad with the little thermometer sticking out of her mouth. I didn’t really want to use that sad little photo, and wasn’t sure what to do. Until yesterday…

I was clearing out my phone and I came across a surprise! My daughter had taken a few self portraits while playing around during her nap time earlier in the week. I thought they were so incredibly sweet, and that they perfectly embodied my glimpse into Motherhood.

I give you the Self Portraits of a 4 year old:

That little girl sure knows how to make me smile one minute, and want to pull out my hair the next. Just when you think you are at your whits end, they turn around and do something that makes your heart melt and everything else is just forgotten.

Kids can be so surprising in their sweetness. I wish I could stop for a moment each day and try to be a little more like them. Surprising random acts of kindness for others. That is true joy. The joy that wells from the heart.

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