I have been trying to make a tutorial to go along with every Project Run & Play entry, but I must admit last week’s retro theme was beyond my capability (for now – lol). In order to get the snug fit that I wanted, I tailored it to fit my daughter exactly. That being said, I just couldn’t find a way to make a universal pattern and tutorial that I felt comfortable sharing.

But life is about compromise – right?

What people seemed to love most about my outfit was the ‘twirliness’ – and who wouldn’t?!! Lol

I know there are a million gathered skirt and/or circle skirt tutorials out there, what I wanted to teach you was how to put the ‘wings’ in the skirt, as my dress had with the large sectional pleats.

For your Circle Skirt with Wings tutorial, click HERE.

Happy Twirling!

A Limited Commercial License is available for purchase for the Circle Skirt with Wings, click below for more details…