Black & White, with a Splash of Color

While playing along with Project Run & Play I was so sure they were going to have a ‘boy themed’ week that I went ahead and made my outfit…woops.

So next week I am hosting a theme…Black & White, with a splash of color.

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Project 52 – Chasing Seagulls

One of the things I love about Motherhood is how much we can learn from our children. Kids are so free spirited, taking in everything around them as they are seeing or experiencing it for the first time. Just the joy of life in the simple things like a taste of cookie dough, banging on pots and pans, picking wildflowers, or chasing Seagulls.

This is cute because Madeline doesn’t understand yet that they are going to fly away when she gets close, and every time they do she get’s frustrated.

Chloe gets it, and loves it…

I wonder what they would do if they ever actually caught one?!! Lol

That is my goal this week, to be more free spirited. To try to see the world through their eyes, learning from them and enjoying life the way God created it. Won’t you join me?

My Glimpse into Motherhood – Chasing Seagulls.

Want to participate in Project 52? click below:

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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