Those of you who are following along like I am ahem…stalking, know that this week was Retro / Vintage at Project Run & Play. What a great theme for so many designers! There is always a love or passion for something or someone that gets you into creating clothes, and more often than not it is a vintage or retro style that you admired growing up. Maybe celebrity styles, maybe an era, maybe even a designer, but somewhere along the way you fell in love with clothes and the process of creating them. Retro / Vintage gives real designers an opportunity to truly create something from the passion within.

With all that, it goes without saying that I was waiting with bated breath for the release this morning to see what our genius contestants had for us this week! Here we go…

1940’s Playsuit
Annie Hall
Vintage Vail

Retro Rompers
Grace Kelly I Love You

I cannot say enough how much these women absolutely amaze me week after week. I am seriously blown away. My vote has been cast, and you have until Monday night to cast yours too in the sidebar on the right HERE!

Good luck to all of the contestants, it is truly anyone’s game! You guys ROCK!