I know, I know, addiction is a bad thing. But I am totally addicted to Project Run & Play! I can’t help myself…I wait anxiously by the computer every Monday morning just to see what my theme for the week is going to be!

And I know I am going to sound ridiculous when I say this week’s theme totally took me by surprise…Valentine’s Day. Hadn’t even crossed my mind – lol! I had boy’s theme’s running through my head, tea parties, etc. But Valentine’s Day??? DUH!

Not only did it take me by surprise, but I had a really tough time with it! I ended up making 3 different dresses before I was satisfied with an entry…but don’t you worry about those other 2 dresses- they may not be premiering today, but I will put them to good use over the next couple of weeks in my blog :).

Without further ado, I give you my Valentine’s Day dress…

Recognize the Ruffle Fabric? I am addicted to that too…

Using an old stained T-Shirt we had lying around, I attached the ruffled fabric to create a dress, and then simply bustled up portions of the dress. I added a slit in the front left of the dress for easier mobility for my daughter, and complimented the ruffles with a cute lace trim I had lying about. Then to girl it up even more (because it wasn’t girly enough already – lol), I used fabric glue to attach the pearl ‘necklace’ (covering up yet another stain), and used a scrap piece of the ruffle fabric for the flower center. And voila!

My daughter is in love with her new ‘Princess Dress’ as she calls it, and gets to play with balloons in the process – bonus!

And me? I am inspired yet another week to think outside of the box of my sewing comfort zone, pushing myself to enhance my skills creating yet another dress for my daughters.

Might be time to buy more hangers. Lol

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