I have been meaning to try my hand at metal frame purses for some time now…and while browsing through People’s Style magazine, I came across a metal frame purse with a big huge bow on it! It pushed me over the edge :).

Sure – the purse in question was only around $30 from JCPenny, but what fun is there in that?! And who doesn’t want a big, huge bow on the front of their purse?!! It says I am fun and flirty, and don’t care who knows it! Lol, well, at least that’s what it says to me :).

Thanks to Google, I was able to find a great tutorial for making metal frame purses. All I needed to do was figure out how to attach a BIG bow to it :).

For the free BIG Bow tutorial, click HERE. Have fun with it!

Oh…and PS – I would NOT recommend hot glue for this, don’t even get me started on THAT story!!! Lol

Happy Sewing :)

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