The idea for this butterfly embellished T-shirt came from H&M…if you haven’t shopped their yet for your kids – I HIGHLY recommend it! By far one of my favorite places for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. All well constructed and very good prices, some of my best hand me downs come from there! Anyway, I was browsing the other day and saw this adorable shirt with the butterfly embellishment, and my immediate thought was – now why didn’t I think of that?!! Lol

Using a T shirt we already had, and the same piping I used for the petal tiered skirt to match, I simply pinned and sewed as follows…

Starting with the top wing, I wound the piping around and pinned in place as I wanted it, sewing it on when done (being sure not to sew to the back of the shirt). Next I worked the piping around and sewed the second wing, and lastly the third. Moving to the other side, I went down again until I had all 3 wings.

Starting at the middle of one side, I wound piping around the center covering up all of the butterfly’s wings piped ends, pinning and sewing when I was about half way through. Once the half way point was sewn on, I continue working the piping around, covering up the beginning point, and winding in a circle, finishing by pushing the end of the piping underneath the beginning.

You can do this butterfly with ribbon, piping, turned fabric, or even rope! A great way to spruce up an old T, or even cover up a stain! I absolutely love how it turned out…

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and see you back here tomorrow for the Petal Tiered Skirt tutorial!

Happy Sewing :)

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