Have fun with it!

I love this picture because my daughter was having fun with this photo shoot. She was so happy when I told her to just jump, after that – I couldn’t get her to stop! Lol

A simpler post today, but one that does so much when adding finishing touches to homemade clothes. Accessories.

To complete the look for my black and white outfit, I found some adorable ribbon at the store that I knew could be turned not only into a belt, but a bracelet and headband too!

Let’s start with the belt, shall we?

To make this belt, I simply measured my daughter’s waist and cut the ribbon accordingly (to her exact waist measurement). I cut an additional piece of grosgrain ribbon, 1/2″ smaller, to stabilize, as the belt was made of a very stretchy gauze that I didn’t want to fall off if stretched out too much. Sewing the back of the flower ribbon to the grosgrain ribbon, I then overlapped the flower ribbon 1/4″ towards the wrong side and attached. Lastly, I attached the frog closure with some hand stitches – and voila!

Moving onto the bracelet, this couldn’t have been easier! First I cut a piece of sequin ribbon about 1″ larger than my daughter’s wrist. Now, you know those little hook closures that are on the back of your bra? I cut a set off of an old bra I had laying about, and simply attached it to each side of this sequin ribbon with a few hand stitches. Can I say it? And voila! Lol

Lastly, the headband. Ummm…hot glue anyone? Cutting a piece of the lace ribbon the exact size of an old headband, I applied the lace ribbon with a strip of hot glue. And…wait for it…VOILA!

Sometimes it is the little things that can make all the difference. And these little things took me all of 15 minutes to whip together. Like I said before, have fun with it!

Happy Sewing everyone :)