Jump Starting Madeline’s Spring Collection – the Bubble Ruffle Dress!

I wanted to kick off Madeline’s Spring Collection with a bang, as I already know I will have interruptions this week with some other posts that were previously planned to be featured (but don’t worry, they are really, really good interruptions! I promise – lol). This dress was by far one of my favorites, part because of its ease factor, and part because of how cute and comfy it turned out!

I used a T-shirt that I already had on hand for the top, or onesie in this case, and added the attaching bubble skirt to the bottom. What makes this different than every other bubble dress you have seen out there? The adorable pop-up ruffle waist!

I almost stopped there, but decided it just wasn’t ‘finished’ without the tie sash waist belt. The belt is not attached, at least not for now, I might change my mind on that :).

For your free tutorial to make the Bubble Ruffle Dress, click HERE.

If you know what fabric the bottom of this dress was made of, let me know! I am traveling this week and can’t seem to recall…but it was so fabulous and bright, I would love to keep you informed! Just in case you love it as much as I do :).

  • Thanks to a wonderful follower, I now know the fabric designer is Dena Designs, for Free Spirit, from the Kumari Garden collection! Thank you again for the help!!!

But the dress gets better…because later on this week I will show you how to make a matching sun hat! The more I looked at the finished dress, the more I just knew it needed a matching hat…

Gotta keep the kiddos protected after all!

What else is in this fabulous collection you ask?

All sorts of fabulousness!!!

Happy Sewing :)

A Limited Commercial License is available for purchase for the Bubble Ruffle Dress, click below for more details…

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  1. says

    Simple to sew, super comfy and supersupercute!! My favourite kind of projects! I love your designs. The green damask shirt is amazing, could it be next?

  2. says

    So cute, I’ve been wanting to make something similar for my babe for this summer, but your tutorial just made it easier, now I don’t have to figure it out entirely on my own! Thanks and adorable dress!!

  3. says

    What a fun dress! Love the fabric and the sash! I like the way you put it together. If I’d been figuring it out, there would’ve been a lot of elastic and tears.

  4. says

    I’m visiting from Running with Glitter, but I saw this dress featured earlier today on a different blog. It is the cutest! And I love your blog name too!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  5. says

    Just found your blog today :) Love the dress! I actually made something similar to this this past weekend using a ribbed tank and a t-shirt! I made the same pop-up ruffle waist, but it’s not a bubble dress like yours. I used one of my husband’s t-shirts for the bottom and gathered it. I love the addition of the sash!

    I’ll be posting my ruffle dress soon, you should check it out! http://www.jensownroad.blogspot.com

    • says

      Not much – as you only really need the fabric for the skirt. The top comes from an upcycled Onesie. It also depends on how full and long you want the skirt to be. But I would say a good amount would be 40″W x 27″L.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Janet says

    What a cute dress. I love it. I am just now starting to sew due to I am going to be a grandmother in July 2013. Thanks you so much for sharing.


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