The grand finale of Sienna’s Spring Birthday Collection, the Petal Tiered Skirt, can be found today at The Girl Creative! Head on over for your free tutorial!

Did you miss me last week when I premiered Sienna’s Sailor Pants at TGC?

No worries…click HERE for that tutorial.

Not only did you see them at TGC, but Craft Gossip was kind enough to showcase them as well!

If you don’t know Craft Gossip, you really should! They are an amazing website that showcase tutorials and ideas from all over the blog community, I will see up to 10+ things featured daily! And if you are a blogger that is looking to get your stuff out there, you want to know these people…they have over 10,000 Facebook fans alone! Ah-may-zing.

For a complete rundown with links to all of the tutorials for Sienna’s Spring Birthday Collection, see below:

1. Miniaturized Sweater, 2. Peasant Top, 3. Butterfly embellished T, 4. Sailor Pants, 5. Old Navy Jeans, 6. Tights, 7. Swinter Dress, 8. Quilted Vest, 9. Petal Tiered Skirt

By the way…do you follow me on Facebook yet? If you did, you would have seen a sneak peak at my next Spring Collection – this time for my youngest daughter! And know that I am going to start work on my eldest daughter’s next week. I am so bad at keeping secrets, that my Facebook followers are always the first to know :).

See you back here tomorrow, and until then…

Happy Sewing!

A Limited Commercial License is available for purchase for the Sailor Pants & Petal Tiered Skirt, click below for more details…