Project 52 – Boo Boos and Blooms

This picture was actually taken a few months back, but considering I am hosting a black and white theme this week I thought it was most appropriate.

We were enjoying a nice crisp day in the gardens at a local historical site, when disaster struck! My eldest daughter fell down…we are still in that stage when the slightest little ding sends our little drama queen into hysterics.

Being that I was a complete tom-boy growing up, this can sometimes drive me absolutely bonkers. But then there are those other times, when I think that there may come a day when I am begging her to talk to me, or to give me a hug…and instead of losing patience I will choose to relish this moment. The fact that my daughter still wants to run to me when she gets hurt, and still wants to talk my ear off every second of the day, and still thinks that a Mother’s kiss can heal most things.

Instead of choosing to roll my eyes before I comfort her, I will choose to close my eyes altogether and breath it in.

That is one of the simple joys of Motherhood, a child’s love.

And to give you a touch of color, finding these in our front yard yesterday gave me such joy…

So for those of you who have Spring Fever like me, fret not. Spring is coming!!! Yippee :)

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Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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    beautiful post jessica! i do the same thing with the kiddo’s and maybe that is why i don’t sleep…enjoy those late night all night snuggles a bit too much:) i love with the kiddo’s want me and look for me for comfort. i know that these days will be gone someday and want to hold onto and cherish them forever!

  2. says

    I love that fact that she is still coming to you when she is hurt. I sometimes have little patience for the ‘overreacting’ of a fall. But I stop and think….they are not going to be running to me forever!!

  3. says

    That’s a gorgeous picture. I also try to hold onto those times when my daughter “needs” me to be her mommy, because I will need to remember them at times when she gets older and more independent.

  4. says

    I know just what you mean. The other day, Babes laughed so hard she spit food all over my face. Instead of getting upset (like the old me would have), I just laughed. Then I repeated what got her going in the first place so she did it again! We had a grand old time. There will be plenty of time as she gets older that my stupidity won’t make her laugh so hard – better treasure these moments now :)

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