Project 52 – Bubbles!

My youngest daughter has a fascination with bubbles lately – bubble bath, bubble gum, and of course – just plain old bubbles! She screams ‘BUBBLES!!!’ anytime we say it is bath time at night, she absolutely lives for the bubble session at the end of her weekly gymnastics class, and squeals with delight trying to pop my bubble gum (which is a great way to entertain young unruly kids while standing in line at the grocery store – lol).

So this week when my friend brought over bubbles as a present for the kids, I immediately took the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the day…

This time Madeline wanted to try the bubbles out on her own…most of it ended up on her clothing. Lol – We had fun :)

My Glimpse into Motherhood: Bubbles!

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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    Aw, what sweet pictures Jessica! :) All winter I’ve been giving my girlies bubbles to blow in the bathtub; it’s great because they get some practice blowing the bubbles on their own and if they spill the bubbles, it just adds to the bathtime fun ;) Have a happy day! Michelle

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    Hopping over from Project 52…love bubbles at our house too! Even better than bubbles?? Warm enough weather to go out and enjoy them! How wonderful!! We’ve been outside until dark the last week it’s been so nice :)

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    I just was out blowing bubbles with my grandson a couple of weeks ago, they are so much fun and very cheap therapy! New follower I M JeanneG from The Learning Curve and you had me at the umbrella. I have to try this but what will I use?? Not sure. Sure would like it if you would check out my blog and join if interested. A little behind as I have been with pc for 2 days and no blogs. Hope to see you there…………….I M JeanneG

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