We have reached the half way point with Sienna’s Spring Collection, so far we have:

1. Miniaturized Sweater, 2. Peasant Top, 3. Butterfly embellished T, 4. Sailor Pants, 5. Old Navy Jeans, 6. Tights, 7. Swinter Dress, 8. Quilted Vest, 9. Petal Tiered Skirt

As you may have noticed, some of the items in my collection are not of my own design:

2. Peasant Top. This was actually a last minute addition when I realized I needed a shirt to match a few of my items. I used an old Butterick pattern I had lying around – one of the first patterns I ever purchased. But after a quick google search, I found a free on-line tutorial HERE. I cannot vouch how good this tutorial is, I have not tried it. But anything free is worth a try!

5. The Old Navy jeans?? I am a firm believer in leaving jeans to the professionals – lol – seriously though…some things are just worth the money.

6. The tights – although I could have made my own…I happened to have a pair of tights in the very same color I needed. But for a great free tights tutorial, I always follow along HERE when making my own.

And lastly, number 7. The Swinter Dress by Kelly from Sewing in No Mans Land.

I made a few changes to the tutorial, shortening the overall length – as well as adding a contrasting fabric to the bottom edge. But I am in love with this dress – the perfect Sundress if you ask me!

So, what does that leave in store for us next week?

How to add the butterfly embellishment to a T-Shirt, as well as my favorite number in the entire collection – the Petal Tiered Skirt!

And the best part, I will give you a sneak peak at my newest collection..Madeline’s! After making all of these adorable Spring outfits for my niece, I simply needed to create some for my own kids! Lol – I really have been SEW CRAZY lately…

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Sewing :)