I will tell you from the get go, I am not a sewer for the home. I don’t know why, anytime I try to make curtains, pillows, etc., it just comes out wrong. Maybe not wrong, that is too strong, I am just not happy with it. Maybe not professional enough looking for me?! I don’t know. But I feel if I spent all my efforts into trying to make my house look pretty, it would be craptastic indeed! Lol. But that doesn’t mean I don’t give it a go from time to time…

Here was my attempt at a pillow a month or so back when I got my new handy dandy Silhouette machine. (Have I mentioned how much I stink at that too?! Lol – always goobs and globs of paint beyond the ironed on wax paper).

Well, today is Earth Day, and I know you ladies are all MUCH better than I am at this kind of stuff, so here goes! Once you have your stencil of the Earth on your pillow, to add the flowers you simply:

And then finish off the pillow as you will!

This one currently resides in our living room, where it continuously gets stuffed in between the couch cushion cracks…lol.

Now, what I lack in house decor sewing, I make up for in refurbishing and upholstering. There I ROCK! Seriously, L-O-V-E! Can’t do it now at 8 months preggo, takes too much of a toll on the body, but reupholstering a good chair with a little blood, sweat and tears – good for the mind, body and soul I say! Or there is nothing like refurbishing an old dresser, talk about the muscle strain in your arms – I love it! Woot woot! Turning junk bargains into treasure, now THOSE are my favorite pieces in my house.

Happy Earth Day everyone! With one step at a time we can all help preserve our world and make it a cleaner, better place for our kids to grow up in!