There are a few things I think every sewer should have in their arsenal when it comes to sewing, some fallback patterns that they can always go to for great results. One of those is an easy, breezy sundress that they love. You make a couple of them each year, and it is the go to dress when you want something simple and fun in the Summer heat. That dress for me has always been a take on the Swinter Dress by Kelly from Sewing in No Mans Land, which you have already seen me use in past collections.

This time I wanted to switch up my go-to sundress pattern with Chloe’s Spring Collection ever so slightly, using homemade bias tape for the neckline and shoulder ties…mainly because I fell in love with the fabric (what else is new! Lol).

The fabric used for Chloe’s Swinter Dress Remix:

  • Amy Butler’s Love Collection, Tumble Roses Tangerine – as the main dress
  • Ty Pennington’s Lace in Persimmon – as the Bias Tape

For Madeline’s version:

  • Go By Bike Peach Weekends fabric collection by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit – as the main dress
  • Lavender and peach matching fabric I found at clearance in our local fabric store – as the bias tape

These dresses are timeless, and can be saved and used for future hand-me-downs for generations to come…always a bonus to me, having more than one daughter :).

Lol, I tried to take the classic ‘antique car photo shot’…unfortunately the couple was still sitting in the car – so tried to angle them out. It really was a cool car though, in great condition! I’ll keep trying for that one…some people have such a knack for photography, I am so envious :)

To make the Swinter Dress with bias tape, simply follow along with the Swinter Dress instruction found HERE. Omit the straps. Once you have your two dresses, slip the lining inside the exterior, matching side seams, and continue below…

1. Sew bias tape onto the front and back of the top of the bodice, attaching the lining to the exterior.

2. Sew bias tape around the armhole, extending up beyond each side of the bodice, to the same length as Kelly’s original straps.

3. Repeat for other side.

And voila! You have a completely cute and easy sundress to wear all Spring / Summer long!

Stay tuned next week where I will show off the Bustle Backpack (probably my favorite item in the entire collection), the Linen embroidered Shirt, and the Upcycled Romper from Chloe’s Spring Collection!

1. Ruffle Vest, 2. Upcycled Romper, 3. Linen Embroidered Shirt, 4. Biased Swinter Dress, 5. Big Pocket Circle Skirt, 6. Shirred Country Dress, 7. Button Up Tie Shorts, 8. Bustle Backpack, 9. Old School Shorts

See you back here tomorrow for Earth Day! Til then…Happy Sewing!