In between projects, on the weekends, or maybe just after a particularly tough tutorial, I try to take ‘creative breaks’ as I call them. I don’t just spend all of my time making my own designs, I make your stuff too! What better way to learn, to get the creative juices flowing, and reduce my ever growing to-do list…

When it turned out I needed a more casual Easter Dress this past Sunday, I was able to whip this up in just over an hour (and it would have been shorter if I didn’t make my own bias tape for it!). Kelly from Sewing in No Mans Land shares her adorable Butterfly Butterfly Dress tutorial HERE, and the pattern can be found HERE. With a little help from my Aunt Deb and the awesome fabric package she sent me, I am loving the way it came out. I have a feeling this number will be on high rotation in our house during the Summer.

Guess who else needed something to wear for Easter…

That’s right…me! Giving an old skirt the maternity makeover.

The Mother Huddle gave me the inspiration with this tute for elastic waistbands, and after a little more google searching – I found the perfect tutorial on Grosgrain HERE for making maternity pants.

And lastly is the Snap Wrap Dress by Prudent Baby

Another easy tute with great results, all made during nap time! I whipped this up the day before we left on vacation, thinking we needed one last Summer dress (yeah – right – like we NEED more dresses in this house! Lol), but we have already worn it 3 or 4 times since then! My only suggestion on this dress, if you are making it for someone older then 3, you may want to add more snaps down the front of the dress flap, to ensure it doesn’t open in the wind revealing more than it should. Either that, or wear tights :). It is still super cute though, and we are loving it in our house!

So what else have I been up to? Well, let’s see…planning a Series for my blog. That’s right – you heard me, a Series starting in mid-May! Woot Woot! More to come on that later.

Also a mini-maternity clothes week…

Did I mention I was contacted by a magazine who wants to show off my Bustle Backpack? Very cool…we will see if that ever comes to fruition, but I thank my feature on Grosgrain which undoubtedly led to that opportunity. Pinch, pinch – am I awake?!!

And ummm…anything else? Oh yeah, preparing for a baby that will be here before I know it. And of course every day life with two youngens, while trying to run a household and family…other than that, we are still, basically, so and sew crazy around here.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Sewing :)