I am so excited to introduce today’s guests…Liz & Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Co. I first stumbled across these sisters when I was trying to come up with a pair of lace tights – to tell you the truth, I don’t know how or where they popped up – but suddenly I was staring at the cutest pair of lace tights I had ever seen! They put what I had hastily thrown together to shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Lol, and I have been a follower ever since!

These ladies have such an eye for photography and style, as well as a way of turning anything vintage into pure magic! I love being surprised every time I open up their newest post and seeing the eye candy they have for me that day.

They are also hosting a Vintage Crafter’s Challenge on their site, starting next week, and guess who gets to be a part of that?!!! (*Hint – starts with ‘m’, ends with ‘e’)

The Vintage Crafter's Challenge

Needless to say, I was surprised when I received their Pattern Remix entry to find out that they had created not just one, but TWO dresses from the same pattern! One from each sister!!! I was blown away, as always :). I simply cannot speak high enough about these 2 ladies, so without further ado I give you Liz & Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co.


Hi, we are Elizabeth and Elizabeth. Two girls who married brothers and ended up with the same names. Confusing? Yes, we know. We both blog over at Simple Simon and Co where we love to sew, but we also love to explore the Art of Homemaking and $5 Fridays, where we create something every week for $5 or less.

We love Jessica’s blog and were excited for the Pattern Challenge. We had a hard time deciding on one pattern, but I am pretty happy with our results. We both took one pattern and created two sweet dresses for two sweet girls in our lives.
This dress is one of those go-to patterns for me. It is such a simple classic shape, that it just lends itself to all different fabrics and embellishments. That is, if you can get past the fabric on the front cover. That fabric might be for some people, but it’s just not my style…so I flipped past it in the pattern books a number of times before taking a second look at it. And when I did take a second look, I was so glad. A simple A-line dress or jumper that just lends itself to any decade or style IS so right up my alley.

Simplicity 4927
So, Liz and I decided to take this pattern and see what we could each make. Me, I wanted to make a very classic dress that my little girl can wear, that I could have worn, or that my mom could have even worn in her generation. And Liz, she is all about adding cute embellishments to dresses and jumpers that I would have never thought of. She really is the creative one.

And here is what we came up with….

For my creation I made “The School Girl Dress” with the simple A-line shape and a pleated-collar with piping and fabric-covered buttons. You can head over to our blog tomorrow to get a tutorial for how to make the pleated collar with piping.

And Liz created a darling fabric-painted jumper with ruffle trim on the collar and the hemline. Cute, huh?

Lessons learned from this project…never judge a pattern by its cover!

Thanks Jessica! What great fun this has been!


Aren’t those dresses divine?!!! I don’t know which one I love more!! And *ahhhhh* more lace tights!!! Seriously, you guys rock!