Pattern Remix Guest: Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts!

Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts is quite possibly one of the sweetest bloggers I know. She always has a kind word, showcases up and coming bloggers all of the time with her features, responds to comments frequently, manages to make me laugh with so many of her posts, and then just for good measure – will occasionally throw in one of those posts that are so touching they make you want to cry!

And on top of all of that, she is talented to boot. Here are just some of my favorite Sugar Bee projects…

She not only agreed to come on my Series, being the very first person to respond to my e-mail, but she agreed to do it even though she is busy hosting a Series of her own…

Crafts, sewing, a Series, and did I forget to mention her weekly Tuesday link up party?!! This lady is on FIRE! She is definitely someone to know and love, if you do not already. Take it away Mandy…

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be here on the pattern remix series. I had to admit, I love to follow instructions so I don’t have to think on my own – so this opportunity has made me think outside my sewing box. Remix a pattern!?!? I told myself I could do it….

I really like the dress on Simplicity 3513 – simple and cute. I’ve it a couple of times for my girls. Since it’s pretty basic I thought it’d be a good remix….

The first thing that came to mind was a bustle – they seem to be all the rage in the craft blog world. I’ve seen a lot of them, but I hadn’t seen a tutorial, so I just made it up as I went. With the back pattern piece I cut out a triangle. (Mental note – next time the triangle needs to go a lot higher, so the bustle hits on the rear, not the back of the knees.)

With the triangle piece that I cut out, I sewed on pre-ruffled layers of tulle and coordinating fabric – here it is with a few strips on:

Next on the main back piece I sewed on a strip of pleats for a finished edge. You could also just turn it under. Then I sewed the cut-out triangle back into it’s spot.

The back turned out like this, pretty cute:

Another alteration I made was to omit the sleeves. I just left them off and then turned under and topstitched that raw edge where the sleeves were supposed to go – and also added that flower for interest (it’s a gathered flower, rolled up – I show a how-to here):

Here’s the front view – - thanks for making me broaden my horizons!! Oh, but I did stick in my comfort zone of using sheets as fabric – love that :)


Thank you so much for stopping by Mandy. That bustle is adorable…I have been wondering how to make those! And PS – love that your little girl’s toes match, now that is style :).
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Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit is the founder and creative director behind the me sew crazy blog, as well as, 5 & 10 Designs, GNO Events, and co-editor of STYLO. She resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and 3 children.
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    Great remix! it turned out adorable. What I like best is that this can be made to almost any basic dress pattern as the sweet little dress, or simplicity4927, burda 9740 or the village frock which are the patterns I have in hand, or even the pop-over sundress free pattern from oliver+s!!! Thank you

  2. says

    I agree Maria!!! I thought the same thing when I saw this, and in fact – I believe you will find that is the case with a lot of the remixes I have seen so far! Which is good because it doesn’t leave out options you may already have on file! Thanks for the tip!

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