My darling baby turned 2! I cannot believe that just 2 years ago we were hearing the baby cries of a little girl that had just entered our lives, and here we go again about to enter upon that journey with another little one due any day now!

Dear Madeline,

May you always know you are loved. Know that you are cherished beyond words, and that I am honored God gave you to me to take care of while you are here on this Earth. You are a special gift that I learn so much from, all while seeing the world through your eyes. It is the joy of my heart to see you learn and conquer new things, to watch you try and never give up, and to see your personality emerge, grow and change as time goes by. It is my prayer that I can always watch over you and guide you through life’s storms, and that you will allow me to continue to do so until that day when I need to relinquish you into another’s arms. And even then, know that I will always be in the wings. As Lee Ann Womack puts it ever so eloquently…I hope you dance!


The idea for the ric rac pinafore dress came from this Pinterest Pin, and you can find a free pinafore tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots. Lastly, the idea for the felt number pin came from Sew Together.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!