I have had the honor of watching Amy and Emily’s blog from the very beginning. They reached out to me when I was still a newbie and setting up my own blog with some questions, which I answered ever so unintelligently (I am no technical expert, let me just tell you! Everything I know, I know because of google – Lol), and I have been watching them ever since!

Sisters of the Wild West is such a refreshing blog, reaching out to the cowboy in all of us. And they are both so ridiculously talented! Just check out the butterfly pillows below…they are both hand painted!!! One by each sister, and then there was a vote off to see who did it better. No competition there! Now that is what I call sisterly love! (If my sister and I were to combine blogs, I am pretty sure it would be a constant vote-off – Lol).

And PS – If my husband wouldn’t kill me, I would soooooooooooooooo be sleeping in that pink bed!!! Lol

Oh yeah – PPS – did I mentioned they have 11 kids between the two of them?!! You heard me – ELEVEN!!! As in Eeeeee-leeeev-ennnnnnnnn. How they find the time to do any of this is beyond me!

So let’s give it up for Amy today, who joined in on the fun with her Pattern Remix challenge…


I did a “remix” of an awesome tutorial that I found @ Sew4Home. I actually got to kill 2 birds with one stone on this project. I needed a graduation gift for my cousin, and a great
project for Me Sew Crazy! I am so happy to be here guest posting.

I’m Amy. One of the “sisters” of Sisters of the Wild West.

All of the projects have been so amazing in this pattern remix.

I am in such talented company.

Jessica is SOOO amazing too. I am very thankful to have been asked to participate.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 yard of terry cloth
  • 16-20 in. of non-roll elastic
  • scrap fabric

The original post used 8″ binding. It also had a pocket and shoulder straps.

I used a strip that was 88 in. by 2.5. I folded in half and sewed with a basting stitch so that I could gather for my ruffle.

I pinned and sewed in place.

I repeated with terry cloth for the bottom edge.

I added a monogram. I used my embroidery machine, but you could easily use a silhoutte or print a letter from your computer and applique.


What a perfect beach towel for these hot summer months! I was going to give you mad props for taking a picture of yourself and posting it in only a towel, but then I looked closer and saw the bathing suit underneath…lol.

Thank you so much for being here Amy!