Lindsay from the Cottage Home, quite simply, rocks my world. This lady is so incredibly talented, everything she publishes becomes a new favorite of mine. In other words, yes, today I am revealing another blog crush – Lol.

Her artistry never ceases to amaze me…with her fabulous finishing work, choice of fabrics, and incredible eye for photography, she puts out the most incredible pieces of work every single time.

To say I am honored that she would join us here today is an understatement, I am thrilled and overjoyed, and once again dancing jigs around my living room.

If someone asked me what has surprised me the most about blogging, my answer would be just how NICE everyone is! Every blogger I ‘meet’, I am just overjoyed to find out how nice they are – perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they love what they are doing. And Lindsay is no exception. She is so incredibly sweet, always answering e-mails and comments, that you just love this woman!

When I saw what she had for us today, I nearly keeled over. I am not sure what I love more, the dress or the fabric!!! So without further ado, I give you Lindsay from the Cottage Home!


Hi, my name is Lindsay and I am visiting from my blog, The Cottage HomeCooking. Sewing. Crafting. And All Things Domestic. I’m very excited that Jessica invited me over to participate in this wonderful series and I’m happy to share some inspiration with you all today.

I love sewing with patterns, I think the fit you can achieve is superb, but I very rarely follow any pattern exactly. It’s kind of like myself and cooking, I can’t stick to a recipe to save my life, I always have to make it my own. I guess it’s my own way of using my creativity with the help of inspiration. That doesn’t work so well with baking, but it ends up being pretty fun with cooking and sewing!

Pillowcase dresses are great for little girls. They are perfect for summer, they can be layered in fall/winter, they become a top once they outgrow them as a dress, they take no time to make and the possibilities are endless. I thought it would be fun to change up your basic pillowcase dress. There are a gazillion tutorials online for pillowcase dresses (such as here, here, and here) and they are the perfect beginner sewing project. The pillowcase dress is a wonderful pattern to make your own and is great to experiment with because the fit is so forgiving.

For this pillowcase dress, I used only fat quarters of six different fabrics. These are some fat quarters that I picked up at quilt market – “Little Apples” by Aneela Hoey (this fabric will be released in September 2011). I decided to piece together the main part of the dress with three different prints. I did this by simply sewing strips of fat quarters together so that the piece was large enough to accommodate the pattern. Once large enough, I cut my pattern out.

I added two layered pieces of fabric to the top of the dress in the front and the back. These pieces were cut 5″ and 4″, but were both the same width as the top of the dress. I stitched them to the top of the main dress pattern piece before folding it over to make the casing. They actually aren’t ruffled, they just look that way because of the way the neck-line is gathered. Pretty cute, huh?

Fat quarters are only so long, so to extend the dress, I cut a fat quarter into four equal parts, sewed it in a long strip and made it into a ruffle at the bottom of the dress. If you wanted to make it even longer, you could do several tiered ruffles which would be really fun.

I used polka dot bias tape to trim the arm holes and threaded a red (with white stitching) ribbon through the neckline. You could also thread two ribbons and have the dress tie at both shoulders.

Here’s my little model, Savannah Rose, being silly for the camera……

Thanks so much for having me, Jessica! What a great idea for a series – this has been really fun! I hope you all will come visit me over at The Cottage Home for some creative tutorials and recipes.

Happy Sewing!



I just love pictures of Savannah, she is just so adorable. And the more I see pictures of her, the more her personality is just popping out! So cute! And I love that the ruffle on top actually isn’t ruffled, of course it would do that once the neckline is tied together – makes me do a big old ‘duh’ smack on the top of my head.

Seriously adorable! But waiting until September seems almost unbearable now…lol

Thank you so much for being here Lindsay, as always you stuff is amazing!