Maryanne and Caroline from Sew Together are more friends I met while playing along as a reader contestant with Project Run and Play. These ladies were so fantastic, I couldn’t wait to see what they would submit along with me each week! We quickly became blog friends, commenting along on each post the other had submitted, and ultimately we were addicted together…lol.

These ladies are so fantastic in their creations, always having the ultimate level of perfection in their finishing touches, they raised the bar for me every single week.

Here is just some of the beautiful work they have done…

I think their entry today is so perfectly ‘them’, I can’t wait to share it with you. So without further ado, I give you Maryanne and Caroline!


When Jessica asked us to be part of her pattern re-mix series, we knew exactly the pattern we had to use- the ever-reliable, always comfortable peasant dress! There are a plethora of patterns and tutorials out there, but our favourite is Leila and Ben’s Sweet little Peasant Dress pattern. It’s the staple of our daughters’ wardrobes. Our aim for this peasant top remix was to try and make it a little bit fancier. Lots of our sewing is fairly utilitarian and basic to cope with the rough and tumble existence that our kids lead. What do you get when you add a placket, some delicate buttons, a ruffle and a little bit of liberty binding to a peasant top? Something very girly, very sweet and oh- so- simple to create!

It’s the little things that count – gorgeous contrast binding (what a wonderful invention Liberty binding is!), sweet little buttons and a light as a feather ruffle. If you cut the ruffle on the selvage you don’t even need to worry about hemming it!

As much as we would like to say that we planned it – it’s just a happy accident that this top looks just as cute with the placket down the back!

If you’d like to make your own sweet and simple ruffled peasant top, come on over and visit us at Sew Together tomorrow. We’d love to see you!

Thanks for having us Jessica – we had really great time thinking outside of the box.

Maryanne and Caroline


One of the amazing things about blogging is the friends you will make! These sisters live half way across the world, in Sydney, where they run a sewing school with a true passion for crafting. I think they put it best in their own profile:

“We come from a long line of crafting women, who have all had the desire to create. We hope to continue this family tradition, spark this passion in our children and share it with friends. We run a sewing school where our main focus is to help our students discover the joy of creating beautiful but simple things and the joy that comes from being part of a crafting community.”

Amen Maryanne & Caroline, Amen.

Thank you so much for being here today to be a part of our Pattern Remix Series!

Til next time, Happy Sewing!