Today I have the honor of introducing Summer from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff! Summer is one of the sweetest, most humble bloggers around, always showcasing new talent, while coming up with some awfully cute ideas herself! I first found her thanks to a link party, and have blog stalked her ever since…lol. She ranges from sewing to crafts, but since sewing is my personal fave – I decided to showcase some of those today…(what can I say, sometimes I am biased…lol).

How cute are those?!

I am so thankful she joined in on the Pattern Remix fun, especially after I saw what she had in store for us :)…


Hello everyone!
I’m Sumo, from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff!

I have to admit, I feel a little out of place being involved in this Pattern Re-Mix series! There are some seriously talented ladies among the line up, and I don’t really feel worthy! It’s been so fun to see all of the fresh, new takes on things. Really makes me want to get busy sewing for my little ladies!

I tossed around a few ideas in my head, before settling on a little re-mix on a pattern that I own, as well as a tutorial I did on my site last week.

It all started with this pattern for a Ruffled Neckline dress from Whimsy Couture (one of my fave pattern shops, by the way!)

Isn’t it adorable?

I’ve made dresses using this pattern for both of my girls, and I love how they turned out.

Unfortunately, you don’t really get to see a good picture of my girls wearing them because this is about how pictures go at our house.

Not smiling….

Or looking at the camera.

How about some silly faces?

And maybe get a good flash in there while we’re at it?

Well, they are one and two, so what more can I expect, right?

Anyway, I digress….

I took the neckline from this pattern and used it to make these one shoulder tanks for my girls, which I shared the tutorial for on my blog last week. I made them using some fabric and some cheap-o t-shirts, and I thought they turned out pretty cute.

So for the re-mix, I thought that I would make the entire shirt out of fabric, and not do the ties at the bottom. I thought some shirring to bring it all in would be pretty cute, and I have to say, I think I am right!

I started off using some longer tunic style shirts that my girls already have to determine the length of the shirts.

I used the width measurements from the pattern, as well as the neckline measurements and band measurements.

The pattern comes with arm hole cutouts, but if you are doing this from scratch, a good rule of thumb is to just measure in an inch on the width, and five to six inches on the length, and just cut a slight curve between the two measurements.

Since we are going to be making a diagonal cut and eliminating one of the arm holes, you only need to hem up one arm hole. Here’s what you’ll have when you’ve done the arm hole, made your base shirt, and gotten your neckline ready.

Make your diagonal cut.

Attach your neckline using the directions in the pattern. If you don’t own the pattern (you should!) then I’m sure you savvy seamstress’ already know how to do this!

This is looking pretty cute just how it is, right?

Now it’s time to shir! If you’ve never used elastic thread before, don’t be afraid! It’s just as easy as using regular thread! Wind your bobbin with the elastic thread, being careful not to wind it too tight. Use your regular thread on top. I set my machine to my longest stitch length – 4 – and my tension to 4. You back stitch just as you would when starting a normal row of stitching. I did four rows of shirring for my one year old.

For my two year old, I did five rows of shirring.

See how the shirring isn’t too tight at the bottom there? There’s a little trick to fix that! Hold your iron over it on a steam setting, and watch it shrink up! It’s amazing and works like a charm!

Then it’s the fun part: putting your darling new shirts on the cutest little ladies that you know! (With some matching headbands of course!)

Our neighbors have this little house, and it was the perfect distraction for me to attempt to take some decent pictures.

My two year old kept talking about wearing her ‘beautiful dress.’ To her, everything is a dress!

And here is why we call my one year old ‘Cheeseball’.

Perfect little tops for the warm summer days (if we ever get any here in Utah!)

Thanks so much to Jessica for allowing me to take up a little piece of her blog for the day! I still feel so honored to be included among the rest of the guest posters for this series, not to mention Jessica is incredible herself!

Hope to see you all over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, where you can follow along with my crazy ramblings about my BFF’s Shirley and Lucy (my sewing machine and Silhouette), more cute pictures of my silly girls, and features of other amazingly talented ladies!


Look at those girls! They are so stinking cute! And I love that ruffle shirt! Summer, you are incredibly talented – as always! And the honor is mine that you would be a part of our Pattern Remix Series!!!

Til next time, Happy Sewing!