I have been sitting on this project for a while now, since before the Pattern Remix Series started to tell you the truth, and I have been dying to share it with you! After pinning this skirt a while back on Pinterest for inspiration, I found a couple of red, white and blue colored T-Shirts at the thrift store, and an idea was formed.

I love this dress mainly because of how ‘wearable’ it is! It has become a staple in my girl’s closets, we reach for it every time we just want something nice and comfy in the heat!

As much as I love linen, and I do L-O-V-E linen, there is just nothing that beats comfy knits. Let’s face it, when you want to wear something that is just good, old fashioned, COMFY – you reach for the knits. And when my girls are running around – there is nothing better than a knit dress.

T Shirt Loop Dress DIY.


How to sew an easy T Shirt dress with back loop feature


The T-Shirt Loop Dress is incredibly simple to make, using a lot of the T – Shirts original hem lines to cut down on hemming time.

Here I will share with you a quick tutorial for the Blue & White dress, but the red one is just as simple to make utilizing the same loop concept, and a gathered waist instead.


How to sew an easy T-shirt dress, with back loop feature.

How to make an easy T shirt dress with back loop



To make the Blue & White striped version, follow along:

1. What you Will Need: 2 T-Shirts. (1) that currently fits well for sizing purposes, and (1) adult size that you can cut up.
2. Lay the kids shirt on top of the adult shirt, matching up the neckline. Cut around the shirt, using the existing neckline, cut down for the shoulders and sleeves, and then bell out the bottom sides, until you reach the hem of the adult shirt.
3. With the sides of the adult shirt that were cut off, make 2 rectangular pieces of fabric that we will use for the loops. You should now have this.

4. Take the 2 rectangle pieces of fabric and fold in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew along outer edge.
5. Turn tubes right side out.

6. We are now going to take those tubes and make the loop as pictured above. Laying the raw edges of the loop along one side of the shirt, pin in place. Now loop the other piece of fabric through, and pin along the other side of the shirt piece. You can do this on either the front or back pattern piece of the shirt. It doesn’t matter. Baste stitch to hold in place.

7. Now, just take the front and back shirt pieces, right sides together, and pin along shoulders and sides (including under the sleeve, all the way to the sleeve opening).
8. Sew together. Also, you will need to turn in the sleeve 1/4″ towards the wrong side and stitch in place.
9. To make the dress shorter for my smaller child, I simply turned up the bottom about 3″ and sewed around. This created a nice decorative chunky hem finish which I love, and added buttons to the side along the seams.

And there you have it, a super cute, super comfy Summer Knit dress for your kids!

We are officially ready for fireworks now :)

PS – like the headband? That is just a few felt fish shapes hot glued onto a blue headband…how simple and cute is that!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time,

Happy Sewing!