While coming up with ideas for the Pattern Remix Series, this was one of the first projects I had stockpiled. Since then, it has become a favorite in my house. We bring it to the beach every time we go!

By utilizing this free adorable Organizing Tote Basket tutorial that Two Little Hooligans was kind enough to share, we simply added some turtle features to it to make it for the kids!

Now, I wish I could say I had the tutorial for you…I DID! I racked my brain to find that tutorial too, and it drove my crazy. Alas, I had to give up.

It is essentially adding a head, feet and tails in between the sides and the bottom of the Organized Tote exterior pattern pieces when sewing them together.

So maybe it is better this way, not having a tutorial – because now you can use your imagination and turn it into any animal you want.

Speaking of which, would you call this a turtle or a frog? I go back and forth…lol

Happy Sewing everyone :)