I simply cannot believe that my little guy is already out of his newborn onesies!! Seriously?!! He was just born, I have a pile of these NB clothes in a drawer, and I already have to move onto the 0-3 month set.

I simply loved some of the images on these knits so much, that I needed to figure something out to make them go the extra mile – knowing that both my husband and I fully agree that this is our last child. What’s a crafty Momma to do?  Well, with a little prompting from my blog friends requesting to see more Benjamin photos…I thought it was just about time to give my sewing hands a shot at something for the BOY! Yeah! And so it begins :).

Baby Baseball Hats from Thrifted Onesies {free pattern}.


Make a baseball hat for your baby from an upcycled T Shirt. Free pattern for newborn to 12 months.

Look away if you hate blogs that have too many photos of their kids posted, because here comes some new momma baby love.

Awwww – look at that sweet thing posing so nicely for the camera…

Awww shucks, you shouldn’t have.  Go on…

Seriously now, lol, the hat is super easy to make – and I was so thrilled to be doing something with all of those onesies! The perfect gift for all of those little baby boys being born…



I used a rather large 1″ seam allowance for sewing this project – don’t know why, just seemed to work out that way. It fits Benjamin great and there is definitely room to grow!



1. Cut out all pattern pieces, as well as the interfacing
2. Cut (1) 17″L x 1″W piece of scrap knit fabric to use as bias tape
3. Interface wrong sides of bill pattern pieces
4. With right sides together, pin the outer edge of the bill pattern pieces together and sew

5. Trim seam allowance as close to stitching as possible
6. Turn bill right side out and Press. Edge stitch
7. Put the main hat pieces right sides together and pin outside edge
8. Sew using a zig zag stitch for extra stretch (but not necessary on this hat is you want to just use a plain old straight stitch that is fine as well). You don’t see it in the pic, but I used a straight stitch after this just to secure better.

9. Fold hat in half the opposite way, still right sides together, matching the seams in the middle. Stitch 2″ across the very top, just below the dome. This step isn’t necessary – but it does help the hat fit nicer on the top of the head.
10. Turn your hat right side out. Take your bill and line it up on the front center of the hat. Pin the raw edges together, arcing the hat around the raw edge of the bill. Baste stitch together as close to the edge, disregarding seam allowance. (Blurry pic – sorry about that!)
11. Now, taking your knit bias tape, with right sides together, match the raw edge all around the hat’s opening. Pin in place, and sew using a zig zag stitch. Disregard seam allowance here as well, just sew as close to edge as possible.
12. You should now have this. We will be pushing the bias tape to the inside of the hat.

13. Turning the hat wrong side out, fold under the knit bias tape enclosing any raw edges and pin around the inside brim.
14. Sew a straight line around the bill of the hat, and switch to zig zag stitch when sewing the bias tape on the rest of the hat. And voila, you are done!

I didn’t bother trying to cover up the seams on the inside of the hat – considering they are knit and wont fray.

Make a baseball hat for your baby from an upcycled T Shirt. Free pattern for newborn to 12 months.


Updated Photo, an older Ben in the larger sized hat…

Make a baseball hat for your baby from an upcycled T Shirt. Free pattern for newborn to 12 months.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!