Corduroy Sailor Pants…with a Tuxedo Twist, Chloe’s Fall Collection

Today we are finally finishing off Chloe’s Fall Collection!

It has been a long process going through all 9 pieces, longer then normal it seems, but here we are! And I have to admit, I feel like today is a bit of a let down – lol. It’s not that I don’t love these pants – I really do! Its just that they aren’t a brand new creation, but rather my same old Sailor Pants tutorial…with a slight Tuxedo twist.

To make them appropriate for Fall, I used a very nice brown corduroy fabric. And for fun I added ribbon sewn down the sides of both legs. Add to that the button detail on front, and you have a great pair of pants that range from Boho chic style to preppy, all depending on the shirt or accessories paired with it!

For the photos, I kept thinking of the classic ‘child reading book under tree’ picture. Trying to achieve that look was another matter altogether though! My daughter insisted on her pop-up book, and something tells me that is not quite what her teacher means when she asks for a book-a-day…

My daughter was also suddenly freaked out by ants – ANTS of all things! So I needed to find something for her to sit on, and all I could find was an old, ratty, paint stained towel. This photo shoot turned into a practice in patience…for both my daughter and me! Lol – you live and you learn…

Next time, I will just go with the flow a little bit more :).

Loving the hat? Yeah – me too! That one is thanks to Leila and Ben’s Little Cap Pattern. All I did there was add the rosette to the front for a fun, flirty touch!

The Sailor Pants tutorial can be found HERE.

Thanks so much for going through Chloe’s Fall Collection with me, I hope you enjoyed all of the pieces as much as I enjoyed making them! I will do a recap for you later on in the week of the entire collection with their links to each tutorial / piece.

Thanks again for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing :)

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    Oh, these pants are great! And Chloe is SO adorable! The tree setting was just perfect.

    Thanks for another great tutorial. I should just make a “Me Sew Crazy” Pin board on Pinterest. Then I don’t have to decide each time if it’s “For Little Girls” or “Sewing” :)

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