Raising children is tough with the world around us, especially when you want to try to instill in them some core values of Faith. With our eldest daughter entering into the uncharted waters of public education, no longer under our constant watching eye, we are certainly coming across things that we haven’t before encountered. Up until now, we have been able to shelter her and for the most part, only expose her to those things in which we approve. But suddenly new things are popping into our world – things like Justin Bieber, Bratz, and a much keener eye on fashion.

Really? In Kindergarten? You better believe it!!!

Now, I am not putting these ‘trendy’ topics down, I am sure much good can be found in them! But what I do not want is for my daughter’s values or world view to be defined by them. That is where For Girls Like You comes in…

Some of you may have noticed that there seems to be a gap in between children and Tween entertainment options. Your kids are losing interest in Disney Junior and Dora, but Hannah Montana seems to jump to a much older child!

For Girls Like You is an interactive Christian magazine for girls ages 6-11, dedicated to exposing young girls to all the things they love without the negative imagery and advertising that goes against the grain of our faith and values. It is full of fun facts, crafts and interesting topics, as well as offering many opportunities for reader contribution!

The quarterly publication is mailed directly to your daughter, with loads of fun facts, crafts and interesting topics. From designing clothing to researching Biblical principles, including a special section called “SPRINKLES” that are waiting for your daughter’s input!

A sneak peak into their new Winter edition would include…

An interview with Singer/Songwriter Jamie Grace
Traveling around the world with Catie & Sophia
an Interactive Story that needs your child’s help!

With the Winter edition being released TOMORROW, now would be an excellent time to order one for your little girl! A 1 year subscription is only $18.99, and you can save even more by ordering a 2 year subscription for only $29.99. Don’t want to commit to a whole year or two? You can check out the current issue for only $6.99! Click HERE for ordering information.

Any way you go, it makes the perfect gift for that little girl in your life this Christmas! Something that will put you at ease, while still putting a smile on your child’s face.

You can find out more information by checking out the For Girls Like You blog found HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!