The boots, the boots, the boots! I received so many comments about these boots.

To tell you the truth, they were a last minute addition to the outfit. I had finished the dress and had my hair accessory, but I still knew the outfit needed something else. That’s when I spied these old boots from last year that Chloe barely fit into anymore.

With a bag full of unused feathers left over from my Feather Hair Clip, and a hot glue gun that was itching to see some action, I got to work. And they came out so adorable! I was so excited to reveal them as part of my look.

Now I wouldn’t recommend wearing these in any sort of inclement weather, or even for very heavy usage for that matter. But since making these my daughter has worn them a few times, and they have surprisingly held up! She absolutely loves them!

So if you have an old pair of boots lying around, why not go for it? Grab some cool feathers and a glue gun and get to work! Add some ribbon around it for an additional finishing touch.

You just might surprise yourself :).