Continuing on with my Week 4 look for Project Run & Play, I decided to make a hair accessory to go with the Upcycled Ruffles Dress. And what better way to rock out then with a Feather Hair Clip?! HA!

I actually really like this hair accessory, I feel like it is a bit different. Definitely off the beaten path when it comes to kids accessories, after all – how many bows can one little girl own? (Don’t answer that.)

Making one couldn’t be simpler! Got 5 minutes???

Here’s what you do…

You will need an alligator hair clip, some leather cord, a few feathers, and 3 beads with very large holes in the middle.

I simply wrapped my leather cord around the end of the alligator hair clip. Using a bead, I looped both ends of the leather cord through the center, and pushed the bead all the way until it reached the top – therefore securing the leather cord in place to the clip.

I took another bead and placed one on each end of the leather cord. Lastly, I took the end of the feather and tucked it inside the bead as well.

A little bit of glue on each beads center, and you have a super cute and unique Hair Clip that every rock star in the making will love! :)


I hope you’ll stay tuned, because tomorrow I will talk a little bit about those infamous boots…

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!