I really hope you aren’t going to kill me…but this is probably the one week out of the whole competition where I do not have a complete tutorial.

The dress was just so tailored to fit my daughter exactly, that in the time allotted to create the design, I just couldn’t do it all.

But there is hope! I did manage to snap one picture, one VERY HELPFUL picture, to get you on your way to creating this look…

That’s right, how to make the circle skirt portion of the dress!

Normally a circle skirt’s waist would be directly in the center. For this skirt, the waist is off-kilter.

It really is very simple to do this. Using the circle skirt tutorial of your liking (such as Dana’s circle skirt, or my perfectly fitted circle skirt), figure out the pattern as designated. Cut the larger circle for the skirt’s hem, DO NOT cut out the waist circle just yet! Open up your circle of fabric, and decide where you want the waist to be. By deciding how short you want the front of the skirt to be, let that be where your circle waist will start. Fold up the fabric at that point and cut your circle waist.

Then you can finish any way you like! For the alternating lining, I simply cut another fabric of the same pattern, and hemmed with bias tape. This way you get the neat lining fabric effect when you are looking at the skirt head on.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy Sewing!